Ian’s Travelblog- Another Hike bites the dust!!

02 Dec

untitled70In this Crazy Little Thing Called Hiking, sometimes you can bite off more than you can chew, or in my case today, get yourself stuck in a dead end in the dark and scrambling through a muddy field to find an alternate route.

It has been a strange day indeed. Partly disappointing, but when you’re ill-prepared, going out late in the day, just getting out of my life for a few hours then I guess getting stuck in the mud with no one to Save Me is something I should have expected.  It would have been too easy to just get the train from Hooton, I had to ignore the easy option and make it more complicated and difficult for myself, Come Feel The Noise, go down Baker Street with a Heart of Glass, whatever that means!

I think there’s No Mountain High enough that I could get stuck on, quick as the Flash on my camera.  Over the past week though, I have taken a few shots of the Moon, trying to be a Starman at night for a new, experimental Nightscapes Project I’m supposedly putting together.  Not quite a Sexy Thing, but between snapping pics at bus stops and the Nutbush City Limits, it’s starting to take shape.

I think that, just to be safe, it may be a good idea to get the old Open Air Club gang from Uni back together, Somebody to Hike With, get a Band on the Wirral Run and go to a Hiking Wonderland maybe?

And no, I have not lost what little marbles remain, or talking gibberish, but working 70’s song titles into the post after being challenged to have more 70’s after the 80’s post earlier in the week.  So I won’t let the Sun Go Down on my ambling, just won’t be the Air That I Breathe, being the Mr. Blue Sky that I am in my own Bohemian Rhapsodic way.  (I think it HAS been a strange day after all!)

I’m not So Vain as to think that I could go Hiking All Over The World and Sail the 7 Seas of Rhye just on this blog, so may start something else up, when I get some time, stretch my Tiger Feet, go One Step Beyond.  I guess I’m just a Good Old Fashioned Hiking Boy, one of the Rambling Champions of the World and I’ll keep on hiking ‘til the end!!

Welcome to Winterwalks 2!!!  We Will Rock The Blog For You!



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