Ian’s Travelblog- PEX HILL IN AUTUMN.

29 Nov

The one hike that didn’t make it into the September Blogathon was the last little jaunt up to Pex Hill.

And it has taken nearly two months to get posted, I blame The Wirral Way, getting that planned and executed has been an epic Hobbit-like endeavour in itself, but that’ll be for next month now.

This is actually a re-tread of an earlier walk, from January 22nd, 2012.  As it was on the tail-end of Summer, the weather was very nice indeed.

The route itself can be either straightforward, or expanded, as I did, to my chagrin!

Starting off at the very nice Four Topped Oak, where I used to join in quiz night after Ignite Youth Group, heading up Chapel Lane towards Cronton village.

To make it longer and scenic, I cut over a couple of fields and up several tracks, including one overgrown, resulting in a bleeding thumb from getting stuck with a thorn!!!  Being a mobile MASH unit on the playground, I always carry a few plasters on me, so stemmed the tidal wave of blood flowing! (Kidding!)  Going up to the M62 Motorway, (that’s Highway to you US kids!)

and back to Cronton before heading up the hill properly certainly qualifies as going the long way round.

Up the path and the first stop was the quarry, where I used to do Rock climbing, even went out once with Rock climbing club at Uni to Hathersage and Frogget Edge in Derbyshire!!!


Then it was alongside the hill, seeing the sights.

The up to the Visitor Centre, which was closed, but still got to see over the quarry into Liverpool.

Then it was down through the woods and home again.


And that is the last Autumn hike, I’m counting the few I’ve begun in the Wirral as Winter walks, well, because I want to, okay???!


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