10 Nov

One thing I did not do when I and my Nephew James took a Mersey ferry to Spaceport was go to Woodside Terminal for the U-Boat Story exhibition, so I’ve known about it for a while. (see 31st Mar/1st April 12 for details)

There is something intriguing about being able to walk around an actual U-Boat in the sunshine.  With U-534 it has been split into several sections, but only the outside is accessible.  Viewing glass show the interior, well-preserved and you can go up a replica of the Conning Tower and man the gun, which I did, naturally!

The exhibition part indoors consists of a video showing its sinking, recovery, clean up and installation at its current location.  There are also cases of recovered artefacts, a Timeline of events and activities, including raising a Sub, decoding a message on the Enigma machine and using a periscope to sight ships.

It is quite easy to get around, but surprisingly short.  It is offered as part of the Mersey ferry trip, which includes Spaceport, though there is a café and shops in the Terminal.  A walk along the Promenade is also quite good, with views over the River to Liverpool.  Hamilton Square is a 5 Minute walk, where Birkenhead Museum is located and Birkenhead Priory is a 900-year old historical site, which is a 10 minute walk, with good signposting.

Overall, the exhibition  is really great, and it complements the Battle of the Atlantic exhibit at Merseyside Maritime Museum at Albert Dock, Liverpool.

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