03 Nov

It’s nice to be pleasantly surprised by something isn’t it? Mr. Tiglet has done that several times over the last eight months or so since I decided on having a Tiger puppet as a Hiking Mascot.  It began, as I have said before after the struggle I had getting Teddy’s Travels- a globetrotting Teddy Bear version of Bill Bryson, accepted anywhere.  The story itself is in the Portfolio section- a group of old stories and early scripts that have been redrafted and revised too many times to count, in some cases anyway!

The first trip was up Halton Castle and along the Bridgewater canal in Runcorn, on a very cold and misty February day.  Then I got bolder- going into Liverpool and other places.  Having my Nephews cause chaos and carnage with toys strewn all over the Living Room floor only encouraged me further (see Tiglets Toywars) which led to the Doctor Who toys getting involved, making Tig in the TARDIS a reality! (He wishes!)

Since I had another story about a Teddy that could Time Travel, I thought I would combine both of the ideas and began taking test photos, including this Unused one which shows my hand holding a torch to achieve a lighting effect, talk about Special Effects master!

Episode’s 1,3 and 6 were all done before the summer, I knew I needed to go out to certain places, like the Museum, the U Boat story and Chester Zoo to get the pics needed for the other three.  Episode 5 is the only one written before the pictures were taken and the only one to give an alternate point of view, from the T-Rex telling it instead of Tig, then that led to Mrs. Tig giving her account.  Another great surprise!

So, where to next?  I’ve ideas for a second series, but I really need to get some kind of Treatment done to pitch it to Producers/Publishers, I’ve even talked with a few Actor friends about doing voiceovers on the pics, anything is possible where Tiglet is concerned!

So here I go again, preparing for the next phase, including a cuddly toy that I am making into an evil supervillain, like The Master to Tig’s Doctor, or his Moriarty, or Lex Luther, whatever!!!


Please let me know what you thought of this topic/feature/hike/ramble!

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