Mercer’s Cookery blog- Decorating Biscuits

30 Oct

Simple but nice, something I’ve tried a few times, the last of which was at Half-Term Holiday Club.

It was after all the children had made some that I thought I’d use what was left over to see what Masterpiece I could create, instead I ended up with a biscuity Frankensteinian monster!

You basically get some biscuits- I used Rich Tea as they have a broad base, then  Mix up some icing sugar with Colouring, stir it, glaze the biscuit then add Marshmallows, dots, stars, etc and leave to set.

They actually turned out better than I thought they would, and they tasted okay too!!!

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Posted by on October 30, 2012 in Autumn, Baking/Cookery, Chester


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