20 Oct

‘Dive, dive!’  It is a great thing that I had heard those words, as I’d materialised on top of a U Boat submarine of all things!

A quick look round confirmed it, so I scurried down the hatch just before it closed and hid away.

Dodging Crewmen, I discovered that it was preparing to attack an Atlantic convoy.  I took a look through the periscope and saw that the U Boat was just getting into range.

I had to do something, so began turning dials, throwing switches, anything to make it go off-target, give the convoy a chance to escape.

I scurried round, the crew stunned and staring in disbelief at the sight of me, a Feline saboteur.  I even growled and roared, making a few shriek and run off, wetting themselves.

I found an Enigma code machine and sent out a message, giving the subs position away, which is when the depth charges began, giving the crew something to do other than throw stuff at me!

I noticed the sub listing, so we must’ve been hit.  Gauges and dials were flickering everywhere.

I ran, trying to program the Timewatch to get me out of there.

The crew evacuated, me alongside, bobbing in the water until the Timewatch activated.


This time felt really different, more intense as I got pulled through the spiral, spinning around, feeling as if I was going farther and further through Time and Space than I had ever gone before.  Where would I end up next?  Would I ever make it home again?

To be continued.


Please let me know what you thought of this topic/feature/hike/ramble!

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