200th Post- Still Chasing the Dream

30 Sep

I made it.  The September Blogathon is won and I got the Gold, just!  From the Taylor Swift Trilogy to Tiglet’s Time Travels, it has been a heck of a ride, exhausting and scary, but I’ve managed to keep going, posting something every single day, even when I wasn’t sure what to post!

Building up an online Portfolio of material has been such an interesting, yet intensive challenge, especially with working and commuting every day, but it has been fun.  So what exactly have I done then?

Well, there are six Album reviews to start with, but only one book.  Six hikes, four Tiglet hikes and the New Time Travel adventure Pilot episode.  I have reviewed four out of five Doctor Who episodes.  Three reposts from other blogs, two observations on commuting and Sundogs.  The last four parts of the TV Extra memoirs, and this!!

The beauty of blogging is musing to yourself, then taking those thoughts and ruminations, and give them substance. Crystallise ideas and give them some occasional clarity. The you look out the window onto the Universe and fling them out there.

My main goal has been to expand my Creative Network, something Dr. Melissa Caudle has also done with the Keystroke Killer site, not just recruiting Actors and Crew, but bringing together a diverse range of people, inspiring and encouraging each other, there’s even been some romance too!  I’ve even began looking at alternate ways to promote and present Tiglet’s Travels, maybe even making some kind of audio adventures!!!  I’m not convinced with the rhyming on the first Ep, so may just keep it as a story in pictures with a bit of narration, just like the Picture Book format the idea began as.

Devising ideas is my greatest strength, as I mentioned in my 100th post- Ideas of Mass Creativity, way, way back in April. I have IMC’s all over the place, even the stuff I haven’t blogged- my hike up Pex Hill, Big Bang Theory Series 5, that’s still to come, but I reckon I’m due a change again, so out goes the theme of Mass Creativity, now onto Creative Networking!

So it has taken less than a year to get to 200 posts, though I’ll go back to posting twice a week, plus Tiglet and see where it goes.

There’s only one way to find out, put one foot in front of the other and repeat ad Infinitum.   Like the Climb song from Miley Cyrus (see Challenges of the Climb Feb 2011).  I’m still on my journey, ready for the next stage, still moving, still climbing, still chasing the Dream!!


There’s always gonna be another mountain

I’m always gonna wanna make it move

Always gonna be an uphill battle

Somebody’s gonna have to lose

Ain’t about how fast I get there

Ain’t about what’s waiting on the other side

It’s the climb!


From the Album- The Time of our Lives.


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