Memoirs of a TV Extra 6- The Return to Oz and Harry Potter in the Library

24 Sep

To end this current series, I thought that I would share some of the other things that have been performance-related, even tenuously.

I wrote, performed and broadcast a few Radio sketches at Uni, also did a couple of plays with the Drama Society, including Our Country’s Good, in which I played Black Caesar, a one-man quick show of Romeo and Juliet where I did Mercutio’s Queen Mab speech and a few Short Films for the Film Unit.

For Widnes Library I did dress up as Professor Dumbledore

for their Harry Potter days.

As well as a Pirate day too!!   OOO Argh Jim Lad!

While working backstage at Acresfield’s Wizard of Oz production, I realised I wanted to do something,  so that’s why I became involved with The Artery of Life Project and The Journey in the Making event (see December 2011) For which I was a River Guardian character, doing my historical bit and joining in for the little sketches.

Even with The Keystroke Killer casting I have been fascinated by the auditions and the process laid out By Dr. Melissa Caudle on her blog, giving insight into how it all works.

It’s a shame I don’t have  any pics from old Drama groups, well, maybe a few,

but I guess the Roman Policeman sketch is the only one sharable!


Then there were the costume shows for a kids club in Liverpool.  I was a Gorilla, Inspector Gadget, Aztec Emperor, the back end of a Panto horse, but, best of all was Darth Vader!  The funniest moment in that costume was when he stole the World Cup and slipped over, falling on his backside.  Total accident, but the kids howled with laughter, so had to do it deliberately for the afternoon session, which was painful!

The best thing recently has been Mr. Tiglet’s Travels and now the brand NEW Adventures, starting for six weeks beginning this Saturday the 29th September 2012, so who knows where this’ll end up!!


Please let me know what you thought of this topic/feature/hike/ramble!

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