Memoirs of a TV Extra 5- Hollyoaks

20 Sep

After I dropped out of Uni, I got back into Youthwork and sent some photos off to Agencies, using old ones that Photographer Peter Newman did for me in the Mid-90’s, (you can tell from the long hair, why I ever let it grow that long I will never figure out!)

Kelly’s in Liverpool was brilliant.  She actually got me the Grange Hill and Courtroom jobs, but the main one that I worked on for over two dozen times was the Teen Soap Hollyoaks.

It was an excellent place to learn all about Television and Programme making. Watching the Crew set up, The Actors rehearse, The Director and AD’s shepherding the Extras, camera movements and so on, a very friendly atmosphere, so waiting wasn’t so bad, making up games, chatting, and reading.  One of the best times though was when there were Jugglers and Clowns around so I picked up some beanbags and joined in!  Didn’t get paid for it though, as they had been hired specially.  So must emphasise my Circus skills on next CV update!

The thing is that though the show is set in Chester, it is mainly shot in Liverpool; they even had a replica of a section of the Walls put up!

I actually gave it up because of getting into Childcare and Youthwork.  Availability became an issue, so said no too many times perhaps.  But it is something that I would love to get back into; we’ll just have to see how it goes.

This is also my 190th post, so 10 to go before the end of The September Blogathon!!!  WOOOHOOO!!

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Posted by on September 20, 2012 in Acting, Chester, Raves n rants


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