Ian’s Travelblog- The Last Great BIG Hike of the Summer into Manchester (4/5)

08 Sep


Altrincham to Manchester City Centre along the Bridgewater Canal, this was the Undiscovered Country, where the Map ran out and I was on my own, tramping up through Timperly, Sale, Stretford and Trafford.

The Sun even shined, peeking out from behind the clouds along the way.


That was also when the battery on my camera ran really low, as I hadn’t recharged it on Wednesday-Doh!

Sore feet and muddy paths didn’t help in the final stretch, passing a junction to Salford Quays, which I will have to do another day.  Then I passed Old Trafford, which is big, and almost took a wrong turning by the Tramway, as you have to cross a bridge.

Then the path ran out!  It was blocked by a bridge, so I had to walk on the main road by Cornbrook Tram stop, fortunately finding my way back onto the Canal and the Money shot- Me!

A really nice girl took that one- should have told her about the blog!!  Ah well.

Then I had arrived!  Made it from Runcorn-Manchester over two days.  Then I passed through the Roman Ruins and up the main street to find a watering hole.

A pint and a Cheeseburger in the Piccadilly Tavern rounded off the day before getting the train home, nice!

Now that means that I have my Black belt in hiking, even getting over 300 photos, more than the 230 on the Mersey Hike, out on a nice day, taking in the sights, now that is what a long hike is really about!!

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