Ian’s Travelblog- The Last Great BIG Hike of the Summer into Manchester (1/5)

05 Sep

Runcorn- Walton Hall Gardens along the Bridgewater Canal

I have hiked along the Runcorn stretch of the Bridgewater Canal many times, but have not gone all the way into Manchester, getting as far as Altrincham.

As with the Big Merseywalk, I thought I could hike it in a day.  I’m actually glad I did split it into two days.  I actually walked up to Walton Hall Gardens, then got the bus to see Brave at the Cinema and went up to Halton Castle, all on a Tuesday.

There are a couple of nice parts, mainly around Norton Priory and Murdishaw.  I particularly like the Moore/Daresbury area of the Canal, because of the views and peace and quiet, so took my time, getting a few good shots.

Walton Hall Gardens was nice, but totally packed, so no chance of peace there, I did wander around the grounds, had a look at the Zoo, which was full of kids, so decided to call it a day and resume on Wednesday.

Alas, a deluge would put that off.  It was Thursday when clear blue skies returned and the epic hike could continue.

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Posted by on September 5, 2012 in Hiking, Ian's Travelblog, Nature, Summer!


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