01 Sep

I only found out about this Artist a week ago, when I followed a Youtube link off a Blog and listened to her Superman track, thinking it might have been the theme to Scrubs, how wrong I was!

I then went and watched a bunch of Music videos, really getting swept up in the pageant and drama of this Country/Rock and Pop musician.  This First Album is a mixed bag, thematically varied with plenty of angst and conflicting feelings.  Soulful and wistful tracks like ‘Teardrops on my Guitar’, ‘The Outside’ and ‘Picture to Burn’ standing out, counterpointed by lighter tracks such as ‘Place in this World’, ‘Stay Beautiful’,  ‘Only me when I’m with You’ and ‘Our Song’.

It is an impressive debut, I guess one of the reasons I enjoyed was because I grew up on an eclectic mix of Country/Rock, so this is a great blending of both styles.


I’m also adding a New Category- Music, as I have listened to a lot over the summer and want to add/expand my own musings, as well as reviewing New albums, Like Mel C’s ‘Stages’, the Brave Soundtrack and Muse’s New album, so here we go, Boldly Listening to what I’ve not heard Before!!

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Posted by on September 1, 2012 in Music, Raves n rants, Reviews


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