Memoirs of a TV Extra 2- The Forsyte Saga

29 Aug

I wanted to be the Cowardly Lion in the High School production of ‘The Wizard of Oz’.  The Director, a French Teacher of all things, had us Audition in groups, the KSK Auditions reminded me of that terrifying experience!

I was second to last and knew I wanted to go for an OTT/Comedic/slapstick variance, so went for it.  Then the last guy in line did exactly the same, but toned it down, and he got the part, gutted!!!  I ended up as the Servant of Oz, hence the photo.

Anyway, I was still living in Liverpool when the next TV show I was in came up.  I had been working in a bookshop and wanted something extra to do, so had been in touch with a few agencies, one of which rang me about doing The Forsyte Saga, which I knew nothing about, so agreed.  It turned out to be an Historical drama With Damian Lewis in.  I did two night shoots- 5pm-5am!  Both were long nights!  The first time I was dressed as a Footman/Servant in a green uniform, complete with a Judges wig.  There was one scene where I just had to stand still and hold a tray of drinks, what an endurance test that was.  Even if I twitched, the tray would shake.  It got so bad, a glass dropped and cracked in the middle of a Take, how embarrassing!

The second time was just in a suit, like a Victorian Gentleman, just walking by in the background, nothing strenuous there, thank goodness.

Took ages to get paid for them though, but in all a very good experience.

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