Doctor Who- The Greatest Show in the Galaxy DVD

28 Aug

As a Teenager in the late 80’s, the idea of a scary circus with Psycho Clowns driving round in a hearse was quite creepy.

Ending Season 25, following Daleks, Cybermen and the Kandyman, this seemed a bit, well, odd.  The first episode introduced a number of offbeat and interesting Characters, Deadbeat, Captain Cook, Mags, Bellboy and Whizzkid, most of whom had been killed off by the end.

T.P. McKenna stands out as the amoral Captain Cook, who’s careless indifference to the plight of others and the hidden horrors of the Circus is well-portrayed, as is The Chief Clown.  The Doctor also gets to fool around, play the spoons and do magic tricks, playing for time.  Naturally, he brings the tent down, literally.

This is one story where everything is seamless- the music, costumes, acting, design, which is brilliant, given the fact that after Location work In Dorset was done, the Studio was closed, so the Crew had to quickly relocate for Interiors.  Both blend extremely well, creating an atmospheric and entertaining story

Extended and deleted scenes, and other assorted extra features round the disc off, including ‘The Show Must Go On’ a very good behind-the-scenes documentary with numerous anecdotes and info.

Doctor Who- The Greatest Show in the Galaxy is out Now on DVD.


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Posted by on August 28, 2012 in Doctor Who, Raves n rants, Reviews


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