Ian’s Travelblog- The Great BIG Merseywalk (3/6)

22 Aug

As I had already been to Hale Lighthouse earlier in the year, (see post on 23rd Jan) including it as part of a longer hike made sense, well, it did at the planning stage anyway.

The Hale part was glorious, the tide was in and the views tremendous, I even got a picture of a couple of Rabbits who soon scarpered when they saw me!

Going past the Lighthouse, I had to get a few pictures of it, then continued along the ridge path, rather than the beach, as I was not sure how much of a path there was.

  It may have been better than the overgrown, none-maintained mess I went through, using a furrow at the edge of a field to avoid the worst of it.


The shoreline along Speke Beach I had done years ago and hated it, but I wondered if it had improved- a vain hope!

Last time I had followed the ridge of the Mersey Way, missing some of the shoreline, which would have been a good idea, as it looked like a bomb site, there must have been a house right on the edge at one point, because it was strewn with bricks and other junk left to clog up the beach, a real hazard.  I also felt a bit paranoid that the tide would come in and sweep me away, which didn’t happen, thankfully!

Following the virtually-untraveled coastline almost beat me. It was unbelievably hot, so I had to stop to put on another layer of sun cream.  The ‘path’ itself was a joke, non-existent in places.  Tire tracks, footprints in the mud and other evidence of human presence were the only things that reminded me that I wasn’t the only person around, such was the utter isolation and desolation of the place.

I’ve been and found the Google map of Speke/Garston.  The Hamlet of Oglet is just south of the Airport, the rest is fields and woods, as such, no wonder it was eerily quiet.  Yet I endured, and persevered, passing the landing light gantry and past the Liverpool sailing club and onto a transformed stretch of the Mersey Way into Garston and back to civilisation where I stopped for a coffee and Ice Cream, which revitalised me enough for the final stage of this epic journey.


One response to “Ian’s Travelblog- The Great BIG Merseywalk (3/6)

  1. iancaimercer

    August 22, 2012 at 11:18 pm

    Of course, trying to describe the journey is one thing, the experience was quite something else!

    I should also like to mention that this, my 157th Post is on the day I began this blog Two years ago!!!
    So, with the next 40-odd posts being planned, I’d like to wish everyone a fabulous week!!

    Here’s to the next two years, yay!!!


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