Mr. Tiglet’s Travelblog- The Great BIG Walk along the Mersey (2/6)

21 Aug

Tig @ Spikey, all the way to Hale(y)

It’s always worth getting a Little Tiglet’s perspective on things isn’t it boys and girls?


Since accompanying Mr Mercer on his aimless amblings (Aimless? This took planning you know- Ian M.) I’ve liked the feel of nature, exploring with the wind whistling through my fur, so Spike Island seemed a nice little stroll to stretch my paws.

Even with the tide out, looking over to Wigg Island was great, I’ve been there!  Going under the Bridges, down to Pickerings Pasture beside the lapping waves, the brisk breeze and shiny Sun was a pleasant stroll.


Even though I had to leave the coast and go down the main road to Hale, it was still nice, and of course there was a nice Ice Cream stop before the Nightmare truly began!!!


Please let me know what you thought of this topic/feature/hike/ramble!

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