The Big Bang Theory Big Bang Boxset part 3-

15 Aug

SEASON 3- AKA- The Impact of the BBT on non-Euclidian geometry and gobbledegook technobabble

Series 3 kicks off with a bang as Penny and Leonard go out together, Sheldon learns some bad news and Raj faces deportation.

As I said on Monday, the genius of this series is the fish-out-of-water concept, which is taken very literally at times.  Three years in and Penny is now one of the geeks, fitting right in, even defending the guys to a pretty new neighbour, who ends up playing a dead hooker on CSI!

The surprise of this series is Howard going out with Bernadette, Sheldon also ends up in the middle of Leonard and Penny breaking up, as well as getting a Restraining order from Stan Lee.  He is also set up for an unlikely date, who, scarily enough, turns out to be a female version of him!  That boggles the mind!

‘The Einstein Approximation’ is one of the best episodes ever!  Sheldon gets stuck on a formula and descends into madness, using peas, marbles and even a ball pit to try and solve his equations, all this leads to one of the funniest scenes ever  with Leonard wading through the pit, Sheldon diving under and jumping up shouting ‘Bzinga!’    It is beyond hilarious, taking hilarity up into the stratosphere

Another excellent season.


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