TimeRiders- The City of Shadows- Alex Scarrow

08 Aug

This is the third TimeRiders book review I have done in a year.  The first was more of an overview, giving reasons why I think this series is just as good as Harry Potter and much, much better than Twilight and any of its imitators.

The end of TimeRiders- The Gates of Rome was a cliff-hanger, the team needing to evacuate their base in 2001 after being targeted by assassination Units.  Much of Book 6- City of Shadows deals with the chase across America and the relocation to London in 1888.  While there is a tenuous link to the Jack The Ripper Murders, which is used as a cause for a TimeWave, this is dealt with quickly.

There are another couple of Revelations, one pretty shocking one which stuns the Team (and this TimeReader!) as well as a couple of enigmatic hints of what is to come.

I have been skipping through the other books; Mr. Tiglet has been inspired to try and construct his own Time Travel device, following his previous adventures in Time and Space.

I’ve also looked at the parallels between this series and Harry Potter. I think the Major plot turning point is similar to Goblet of Fire/Order of the Phoenix, as they are both hinges where major developments take place.  It is a Gamechanger where the Characters grow in a dramatic way.  Mainly thinking of Dumbledore’s Army, as Liam, Maddy and Sal also have significant development and choose to make a stand, as it were.

There are also hints of someone or something behind the scenes pulling strings, though the major difference is that in Potter, Voldemort appeared frequently, while the Big Bad in TimeRiders is only hinted at.  With three more books in the series, you can be sure that the threat will only grow from now on.

Once again, Alex Scarrow has delivered another thrilling chapter in the TimeRiders saga. I’ll be eagerly looking forward to February 2013 and Book 7, which features Pirates, though probably without Captain Jack Sparrow!

TimeRiders: City of Shadows is out in Paperback, published by Puffin Books. £6.99



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