Doctor Who- Dark Horizons by JT Colgan

02 Aug

I have to admit that I had never heard of Jenny Colgan before, but this has changed that!!

I’ve already stated that I hate the idea of ‘celebrity’ authors writing for Doctor Who, this one though I treated as an old New Adventure, as I’ve been reading some of the second-hand ones I got last year.

The guest Companions in this one are Freydis, A Viking Princess and her guard Henrik, both joining The Doctor as her investigates a wall of flame that burned their ship and possesses people.  Set on a remote Scottish Island more Vikings arrive and The Doctor is reluctant to face the threat, which increases the tension and drama.  The resolution is good, the plotting and characterisation making it thoroughly enjoyable.

I have also taken a look at a couple of her other books- West End Girls and Meet me at the Cupcake Café, which is reminiscent of Sue Watsons Fat Girls and Fairy Cakes (see Review December 2011)

While not really into Chick-lit, (my attempt at a Rom-Com led nowhere) I have been pleasantly surprised by this ‘Doctor Who Debut’ and I even think that she could be a good Writer for the Programme itself, which for me is quite a turnaround.

Dark Horizons is out in Hardback, published by BBC Books. £12.99



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Posted by on August 2, 2012 in Doctor Who, Raves n rants, Reviews


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