Would the REAL Keystroke Killer please stand up?

16 Jul

In my lack of progress in revising my first script for The Keystroke Killer, I have taken to haunting the Facebook Page, commenting on Actors auditions, joining in the wit and banter, which includes the M-theory debate, science and philosophy behind the Fourth Dimension, or just plain silliness, like playing with Jack Curenton’s Clonegun.

A Clonegun isn’t some replacement for a Lightsaber, which’ll never happen anyway, but a clever and witty Advert that Jack made.

As I have been working through various projects, including the usual shenanigans off Mr. Tiglet, I have been watching online auditions (but not stalking, that’s Tim Wyant’s area of expertise!))  Some of which have been quite gripping, making me think that it is about time I got back into acting/Extra work, although acting is what I need to get an IMDB credit or two.  Some of the auditions have been quite quirky/different, a stand-out (or maybe sit-out!) example would be Graham Clarke’s CNC News Anchor, sat at his desk reading the news, a straight, no-nonsense intense delivery which ends with the unexpected line of “I may or may not be wearing pants”!  Delivered with such a straight face and sincerity that is one of the funniest things you’ve ever heard. Hilarious!

I also got a chill off Challa Sabree’s scary Judas/Keystroke Killer tape, complete with lighting and sounds effects, creepy, as was Tim Wyant’s chilling Milo audition, such a contrast to the fun-loving chappy goofing around on the site.

They are just a few, very few auditions that make the site a fun place to hangout.  It makes you wish that there were two versions, maybe one for radio/audio, a great medium for many voices, Jack, Challa and Helene Cordona especially.  I don’t envy Dr. Melissa Caudle and the Casting Director’s in whittling down the callback list to the final few candidates, glad it is something I won’t be involved with.  Maybe I should just get Jack’s Clonegun and copy everyone, to make an Alternate KK in the 13th Dimension or something?  Hold on, there’s another idea to scribble down.  Now that Higgs Boson is popping up after playing metaphysical hide and seek, such an instrument may be possible.  I’ll have to put it on my to-invent list, along with Anti-Gravity, Matter Transmission and Super-Wormholes to distant galaxies!!

The Keystroke Killer Party last Friday night was another interesting experience, though my cold didn’t help, I did manage to Skype in for a while, though at 3AM GMT, it was early for the rest in New Orleans and Los Angeles!!  Still, the pictures and videos from the event showed what a roaring success it was.  It is amazing how a show still in development about a Serial Killer has such a diverse range of people with a collective sense of fun and humour.  I still hope that I’ll have a few characters of my own to add.  Maybe even a guest role for Mr. Tiglet, who knows, with The Keystroke Killer Project, anything is possible!!


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