04 Jul

Lego Star Wars- The Padawan Menace on DVD

Kids just have it so good these days.  In the 70’s/80’s you had to use whatever Lego bricks you could find to try to create something kind-of resembling the Star Wars characters and ships you wanted, now they come virtually ready-built!  That’s just Star Wars, there’s also Transformers Lego, Lego Computer Games and even a Lego Kingdom!  Talk about spoiled rotten.

This DVD looked too good to pass up, at a fiver anyway!  Most SW parodies have been variable in quality, the Simpsons and Muppets were very good, but I didn’t like the Family Guy or Robot Chicken efforts.

The ‘story’ for this is when a Padawan called ‘Ian’ (no-relation) turns up on Coruscant and gets mixed up with Yoda, C3PO, R2D2 and goes on a quest to retrieve stolen plans, taking in scenes of each film, even with a few cameos off Darth Vader and George Lucas.

At 20 minutes, it is a hilarious short, though the extra features include several other tales, mostly set on Hoth and Tatooine, the highlight of which is The Quest for R2D2, where Skywalker World is opened.

Yes, I know it is a very tentative link to the Fourth of July, since Star Wars Day was two months ago!!  I couldn’t resist the link though

Lego Star Wars The Padawan Menace is out Now on DVD.

As for me, I do have a very special blog planned for the weekend, well, too, as I was going to launch a New Essay-length feature, but I have had some news that needs confirming, so once that happens I will share, and it sounds very exciting indeed!


Please let me know what you thought of this topic/feature/hike/ramble!

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