The Return of the Chocolate Killer and the Usual Literary Suspects

30 Jun

A bit later than intended, but I thought I’d follow up Mr.Tig’s experience with a more Human perspective (Hmmph, a ‘human perspective?  What’s one of those when it’s at home?  Hmmph! – Mr. Tiglet)


Midsummer Eve saw a group of Chester Writers relocate to Frodsham as part of the Solstice event, including a poetic kitty- Mr Tiglet, who did his bit of Poetry.  (See previous post for a more enlightened view! – Mr. Tiglet)

This was part of the International Exhibition on the theme of A Midsummer Night’s Dream by the Cheshire Artists Network. (  so there were other things on, such as a Midsummer tour, including Fairies and Characters from the play, also showings of Film versions, Art Exhibition, Clay Firing, Student performances, a couple of Giants, Live Music and three Poetry/Writers groups.

Since I had taken the bold step of inflicting poems on anyone who’d listen at the Chester Literature Festival last year (See 5th November 2011 in Archives list), I had devised a sequel to the Chocolate Trilogy called, funnily enough The Return of the Chocolate Killer.

As with the trilogy, I used a number of brands in a Murder Mystery.  So the Aero got riddled with holes from an Uzi, the Bounty burned on the Griddle, though no Chocolate bars were actually harmed in the composition of the poem, a couple of Jelly Babies lost their heads, but since they are not Chocolate they don’t count!  (Still Cruelty to Confectionary though!!  Humans! – Mr Tiglet)

I do need to come up with my own brands though, like a Jupiter bar.  Something to chew over with the last of the Fruit and Nut I suppose!!

(Save me a piece! – Mr. Tiglet)

Even with rain lashing down outside the Conservatory, it was a good event, set in a hidden Gem of a location and well worth a visit.






Please let me know what you thought of this topic/feature/hike/ramble!

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