Ian’s Travelblog- Merseywalks- Wigg Island, Runcorn

03 Jun

One of my Twelve Reviews of Christmas was ‘The Magical Mersey Mystery tour (See 29th December 2011)  Since then I have been waiting for an opportune time to take a stroll round Wigg Island, which I did some time ago, but have only just gotten round to posting it!

It was a breezy, yet warm afternoon in May, almost perfect.

I had learned some small snippets of local history, such as the fact that the Visitor Centre is modelled after AEthelfleda’s Fort from the Ninth Century and that Roman Galleys may have sailed from Warrington, up the Mersey and round the Wirral down the Dee to Chester.

While strolling round I did see the first signs of work starting on the new crossing, though there are two platforms now.

The Stone Heads were quite nice, not quite Easter Island, but a good effort!

There are a few wooded trails to follow, with some interesting sculptures, as well as a Fox and a rabbit in a field.  I didn’t actually see much wildlife, but then with the number of Dogs and people, perhaps any Rabbits or squirrels were scared off.

With the weather this Jubilee weekend being utterly dismal, I thought I’d brighten things up a bit, as Summer hasn’t gotten off to a great start, then here is the final hike of the Spring!!


Please let me know what you thought of this topic/feature/hike/ramble!

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