Tigletwalks- Two laps round the walls of Chester

26 May

Last week saw these little paws of mine padding around Chester, taking in the sights as only a little Tig can do!

Having trekked round once,

I decided a second lap, with a few pics would make it more interesting, well, as interesting as I can make it of course!


(Though I suppose I would have say Mr. Mercer made a contribution, which was okay, for a Human, that is!)


So I got to see the Amphitheatre, the Castle, the Racecourse and dodged some Manimals grazing, though I didn’t eat any, still on the Sprout diet, unfortunately.

Oh, Mrs. Tiglet said she might join me, now wouldn’t that be a hoot and a half?


I’d rather be stalking a Zebra at Knowsley Safari Park, but have been forbidden to do so.  Ah well, got to get my boots on.  Look, it’s a lovely Saturday afternoon, perfect for a stroll, so what are you doing reading a blog about a Tiger puppet with wandering paws for?  Go on, go for a walk.



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