Author Events- Shelley E. Parker at Halton Lea Library

23 Apr

I’ve been thinking about adding some of the Author events I’ve been to, Ramsay Campbell, David J. Howe/Sam Stone and so on, so thought I would share some of my thoughts on going to these, as it is always insightful to hear what other Writers have been through to be published.

When I heard that Shelley E. Parker was going to be at Halton Lea Library, I took a look at her website ( to see what her books were like.  The Return to Allapatria had been published in 2005.  The sequel had been delayed because she was diagnosed with cancer at the same time her fiancé, Steven Lewis died in a helicopter crash.

After struggling through the trauma of both events, Shelley trained to be a Psychotherapist and worked on the Sequel, Malok which was recently launched on Kindle.

Not having gotten a Kindle yet, I have the first book to read through anyway, so that’ll keep me going.  There was a bit of a debate about e-books replacing traditionally published books, someone thought it would be like CD’s/Vinyl, vinyl making a comeback.

Shelley also talked about the ideas for the book, how she had several, but when the character of Pekin jumped into her head fully formed (like Harry Potter did for JK Rowling) all the pieces began to fit together.

Steven’s brother Adrian also did the illustrations.  He talked about doing mock-ups for Shelley’s approval and had a short debate about illustrations for adult books, not just children’s, which I thought is a good idea.

It was a nice event, giving me another book to review and insight on how one author coped with two traumatic events and channelled the feelings and experience into something positive.

Return to Aallapatria is available, as is Malok on Kindle.


Please let me know what you thought of this topic/feature/hike/ramble!

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