10 Apr

‘The Great Game’ had such a brilliant Cliff-hanger that I couldn’t wait for the resolution to be shown, but that wait was worth it.  The first ten minutes of  ‘A Scandal in Belgravia’ with the escape because of a phone call from Irene Adler to Internet sensation was amusing, as was the banter between Holmes and Mycroft after his ‘summons’.

The chemistry between Sherlock and Adler was well played throughout the episode.  Amusing to see Sherlock clueless for a change.

Moriarty gets some good development as well, so it is great to see the way he manipulates events and the ending is pretty good.

I came up with an SF/Fantasy version of Hound of the Baskervilles ages ago, even tried a Doctor Who version.  This version, set in a Lab on the Moors played with various expectations.  The ‘Beast’ effects were very good, but I guessed what the twist was early on, it was a bit of a giveaway when Watson listed the possibilities.  I was disappointed that it wasn’t a Genetic mutation, but I guess that will be coming in the ‘Giant Rat of Sumatra’ episode in Series 4!

The Reichenbach Fall was a surprise.  Moriarty not stealing, but wearing the Crown Jewels, bringing down the Bank of England while Sherlock posed with the painting of Reichenbach Falls was a very good beginning.   Moriarty shows himself to be as skilled a manipulator as Palpatine (See Star Wars-Phantom Menace review) as the ‘Actor’ twist is extremely well portrayed.

The betrayal of Holmes by the Police is another good twist, leading up to the final confrontation itself.  How he survived the Fall is a mystery we’ll have to wait a year to be solved.

The three stories this year varied in quality, it seems the episodes were padded out to fill the 90 minute format, but maybe that is just me.  I do think there should have been a few more extras on the DVD though.

Anyway, Series 2 was very enjoyable; maybe I’ll have to watch it again to fully appreciate it.

Sherlock Series 2 is out on DVD and Blue Ray now.


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