100th Post- Ideas of Mass Creativity

08 Apr

Variety spices up the blog, something that I have been doing with this one over the past year or so.  I’ve written poems, reviews, articles, mini-essays, documented hikes and travels, I have even put up old articles/scripts and stories.

Building up a new Portfolio of Reviews has really helped, as well as develop my writing and critical skills.  While some needed more detail, I’ve done what I can, given time constraints and commuting every day, but that is still an area to improve upon.

The biggest development I’ve had was The Twelve Reviews of Christmas, where I went away for a week and blogged every day, even writing it up as The Great BIG Welsh Xmas Adventure!  Getting a camera also helped, giving the blog a more visual impact.

The frequency of Posts has also increased exponentially.  April 2011 has only 3 posts in the entire month!  This April I have posted 8 times so far, yet there are another half a dozen things to do this month, like making a start on the Kids Feature I’ve been hinting about occasionally.  This has about four or five ‘episodes’ ready, but I want at least ten, so it’ll be the end of the month when it finally starts!!

My next goal then is to blog about three times a week, rather than just weekends when I get to type up ideas I’ve had through the week, I’d also like to start podcasting and do Interviews, which means more work!  Mondays/ Wednesday or Thursday and Saturday sounds good, but let’s see how that turns out when I’m back in School.

Devising ideas is my greatest strength, my Superpower.  I’m calling it Ideas Of Mass Creativity (IMC) like my Initials, just rearranged! Seriously though, forty ideas for The Keystroke Killer series, every script has  six- twelve ideas for episodes, Children’s stories even more, and then I will not go into all the Intergalactic Empire’s I’ve got ideas for, including half a dozen short stories I am revising.  So, I seem to have IMC’s all over the place!! Out goes the theme of Creative Evolution then, though it’s still a learning curve, always rewriting and revising, growing my skills and abilities.  And in comes the Ideas of Mass Creativity!

If you need any creative thinking, out-of-the-box/multilateral conundrum solving, script reading, collaboration, concept devising, genre-busting tale telling (tall or small) or anything else creative then get in touch.

So with this new Regime in place, will it take me less than a year to get to 200 posts?  There’s only one way to find out!


2 responses to “100th Post- Ideas of Mass Creativity

  1. iancaimercer

    April 23, 2012 at 10:00 pm

    Thanks Varinder for sharing that, you seem to be much more prolific than me, but I’m not as into the technical terminology!!
    Thanks again,
    Ian M.


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