The Usual Exterminating Suspects

05 Apr

I finally got a Blue Dalek!!

Okay, maybe not that sensational, not like the casting of Jenna LC, hardly cause a twittering storm will it?  BUT I’ve been after one of these blinking Character Building things for ages.  Got three white and tons of red, but no Strategist, the Scientist you can only get with the Dalek Factory (so probably get for Xmas then?) and no sign of the Eternal, whatever he’s about!

But, my Nephews and I have have been creative- Dalek Chess!!  Oh yes, with Bob, orcs and sundry others, the battles have been bloody and more destructive than Wizard Chess.

Anyway, got it as a late birthday pressie, so there!

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Posted by on April 5, 2012 in Doctor Who, Raves n rants


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