Doctor Who DVD- The Daemons- Third Doctor and UNIT

03 Apr

This Third Doctor story from 1971 is a legend amongst Doctor Who stories.   A DVD release is therefore long overdue.  While The Doctor is sceptical of the Occult, poring scorn over Jo’s enthusiasm for the dig, when Mike mentions that it is at Devil’s End, he is off like a shot.

The science versus Magic theme permeates the story, even using the Doctor’s remote control of Bessie as an important plot point.  While the ‘Psionic Science’ of the Daemons seems a bit hinky, the script is very atmospheric and thrilling.

The Extras include ‘The Devil rides out’ a making-of documentary and ‘Remembering Barry Letts’ which  looks back at his career.  I was fortunate enough to get one of the exclusive 2012 Official Convention Artwork covers, even though I couldn’t afford to go, so this was a consolation prize!

I was also reminded of Azal’s line that Mankind “reeked of failure” and that Atlantis was destroyed.  So  I’ve been wondering, what would the cold, amoral logic of Damosian science consider a success then?  That would be a whole bunch of scary monsters, which I have a few of myself, so looks like I’ve some plotting to do this week!

The Daemons is out now.


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Posted by on April 3, 2012 in Doctor Who, Raves n rants, Reviews


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