Ian’s Travelblog- Star Wars @ Spaceport! (2/2)

01 Apr

Wallace and Gromit have had an exhibition at Spaceport for a fair while, so I’m glad I had a chance to catch them before they left.

The Star Wars experience began when Trooper Bill and Trooper Bob greeted us

Then Tusken Tom introduced himself.

And I met Ivan IG88.

Then we queued up for lift off in the mini-shuttle, which took us on a tour of the Solar System before getting off at the main Spaceport exhibition in orbit around Saturn.

We walked through, seeing Wallace and Gromit (more cheese lad!)

Then meeting some of the usual Intergalactic Suspects.

I even met Boba Fett, but James got the photo op with him, I was jealous, because it was just as we were leaving!  

The Ferry back was good, I got more photos of the Liverpool side, as well as the middle of the Mersey, quite an experience.

So I’m now looking forward to seeing what they put on next at Spaceport, I’m sure it’ll be out of this world!!


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