Doctor Who Audio- The Selachian Gambit

26 Feb

I have not heard any of the Big Finish Companion Chronicles before.  The Selachian Gambit by Steve Lyons is a perfect introduction to the range, an intriguing tale of the TARDIS crew (Second Doctor, Jamie, Ben and Polly) caught up in a heist at a Galactic Bank by the Shark-armoured Selachians.

Half short story, part narrative drama, the descriptive parts don’t intrude but only add to the excitement, though at a couple of points I wasn’t so sure about the music.  Frazer Hines and Anneke Wills do an excellent job of narrating the story, doing great impressions of Ben, the Second Doctor and other characters, including the Selachians.  The claustrophobic setting of the bank helps move the drama along.  When Polly is released with other hostages to the Cruiser Tartris, things escalate, though the resolution ties up everything very neatly.

The Selachians themselves featured in the BBC Books The Murder Game and The Final Sanction, as well as a DWA comic strip in their original form, the Ockorans.  This is their second Audio drama, featuring in The Architects of History last year.

Overall it is a fine adventure, with an interesting commentary with the Actors, Producer and Director, shedding light on the Production process and with the promise of more Frazer Hines adventures to come.

The Selachian Gambit is out now, available from

And remember- It’s just not safe to go into the Water!!

10/10 for Selachian Gambit, 9/10 for Final Sanction and 8/10 for The Murder Game

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