KILL ALEX CROSS- James Patterson

28 Jan

Ironic that the First book review of the New Year is one I’ve wanted to do since September! It started with an exciting premise, after seventeen novels; would Patterson bring The Dragonslayer back one last time just to kill him off?

It’s hinted at early on, though the start resembles the beginning of ‘Along Came a Spider’ with two children being kidnapped.  I think it must be deliberate, to have a case just like the first one, except that with a subplot of a Terrorist cell planning attacks, it is very different, Cross being involved with both cases.

Patterson does an excellent job of keeping the pace going, especially with the short chaptering, each ending on a hook.  It is a great plotting technique, which he still has the knack for, (but then Cross is such a damn likeable Protagonist and Patterson even makes the Villains so well-rounded as well.)

The relentless pace, twists and turns makes it quite a thrilling read.  Does Alex Cross survive? Read it to find out!

Kill Alex Cross is out in Hardback, published by Century Books. £18.99

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