The 12 Reviews of Christmas

24 Dec

2- The Snowman (storybook and CD)

The Snowman was always a favourite part of Christmas as a child in the ‘80’s.

The TV version, complete with ‘Walking in the Air’ seemed to be on every year.  So when I found this combination Storybook/CD, I figured it would be worth a listen.  Although it is narrated by Bernard Cribbens (that’s Sir Bernard to you) and the song is sung by Peter Auty (not Aled Jones)  it is still pretty breath-taking, letting you use a mix of memory and imagination as you read the book alongside the music.  It’s perfect for reading to Children, but I still prefer the TV version.


3- Sue Watson- Fat Girls and Fairy Cakes

This novel is a bit of a departure for me, as Chicklit isn’t really my forte.  I tried writing a Rom-com script, but haven’t really progressed far with it and I skipped through Bridget Jones Dairy (but enjoyed the film) and tried reading Pride and Prejudice three times and got stuck. (Harry Potter 1 took four tires before I finished it, so there’s still hope!)

So when I met Sue Watson at a Signing event in Waterstones in Liverpool and got a signed copy, I was initialling reticent about whether I could actually get through it.

From just reading the prologue and first Chapter though, the humorous tone set the stage for an entertaining ride.  Sue herself said that she didn’t think it was chick lit per-se, more like Cake making with drama mixed in, so I took the plunge anyway.

Stella Weston is the heroine of the tale, dreaming up recipes while coping with life’s little dramas.  Some of the cakes are listed in the back, though I didn’t get round to baking the Inebriated Christmas tarts!

As mentioned, it was a slight out-of-the-comfort-zone experience for me, no serial killers or marauding space monsters in sight, so that’s something I’m working on for next year!

Fat Girls and Fairy Cakes is published by Rickshaw Publishing.  £7.99

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