SOMEBODY SAVE ME- Superman (finally) Rises! (3/3)

04 Dec

 The final three seasons of Smallville puts together all the pieces of Superman Mythology, as well as adding bits and bobs to DC lore

Season 8 begins with the fledgling Justice League of America search for Clark, who surfaces in Russia.  He then starts work for the Daily Planet, while being ‘the red-blue Blur’. Getting off the Farm and into the City took long enough but gave Clark a chance to be at the centre of the action.  Even with Lois Lane on his case, he manages to save new boss Tess Mercer (no relation) and she notices him.

Chloe helps Meteor-infected Bette and meets Paramedic Davis Bloome, who becomes Doomsday.  She also gets engaged to Jimmy and works with Lana at the Isis Foundation.  It’s all go this Season, with so many subplots, but it all threads together as Doomsday is defeated, though Clark decides to cut off his human side and Tess releases Zod.

Season 9 hurtles into action like a runaway train as Lois returns from the future and Clark patrols as the Black Blur, burning the ‘S’ sign into every save he makes.  Tess is held captive by the Kandorian Clones, led by ‘Major’ Zod, and Chloe takes control of Watchtower, the JLA’s base.

The episode ‘Kandor’ fleshes out the background of Zod and Jor-El, giving them a firm friendship and motivation for Zod’s fall into darkness over Jor-Ell’s apparent betrayal, something that the Clone repeats.  Checkmate working against the Kandorians, the JLA and the Justice Society of America precipitates a war between them all, though Clark eventually sacrifices himself to stop Zod.

Season 10- The ‘Final’ Season kicks off with a huge flashback of pivotal scenes from the previous seasons, which is pretty good.  The first few episodes introduce Darkseid’s agenda, as well as raising the issue of why Clark cannot fly.  The romance with Lois also happens; she encourages him to step into the open, using glasses to disguise himself.  As he struggles with questions and doubts, Darkseid and Apokolips approach, infecting people, so it takes all season for the various plots and character arcs to weave together.

The Finale has a lot to accomplish, darkness falling as Apokolips appears, spoiling the wedding, though Jonathan and Martha Kent inspire him to seize his destiny, so he finally flies and dons the suit and cape.  Good job too as Lex returns.  Superman flies up to Apokolips, pushing it away and freeing people under Darkseids control.

The series ends seven years later with Clark changing to the movie music.

So, the Teen years/growing pains of Superman took a long, long time to tell, playing with different elements of the DC/Superman mythology, tweaking details and revising characters, which in the wake of DC’s reboot in The 52’s is no bad thing.  Maybe the cape should have been featured more, but the ended worked well, for me at least.  Now we’ll just have to see what the ‘Man of Steel’ film does.

There, knew I’d finish the epic overview before Xmas.  Next up is the Journey in the Making/Artery of Life performance next Sunday, the 11th.  But more about that later on in the week.



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One response to “SOMEBODY SAVE ME- Superman (finally) Rises! (3/3)

  1. iancaimercer

    December 4, 2011 at 7:58 pm

    phew!! It’s a relief to get it over and done with, an epic overview of an entire ten-year series, what an acheivement!!!
    More epic essays coming soon!


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