SOMEBODY SAVE ME- Ten years of Smallville (1/3)

20 Nov

Having been a fan of Superman ever since the Christopher Reeves movies in the 1980’s, I was initially sceptical of a ‘Teen Superman’ series, as Buffy and Roswell seemed to cover the market already.

The Pilot set up much that was to come, the Meteor shower and Meteor powered people,Clark’s lovesickness over Lana as well as him saving Lex Luthor’s life and Lex’s investigation.

‘Hourglass’ was the first significant episode to signpost his destiny and his struggle to find his identity and protect his secret. With a Reporter sniffing around, it is not long before trouble knocks on the Kent Farm door.  ‘Twister/Vortex’ brings a Tornado ripping apart Smallville and Jonathan Kent confronts the Reporter, who is shot by Lex.

While the town recovers,Clark develops new powers and begins to learn of his Kryptonion heritage.  ‘Skinwalkers’ and ‘Rosetta’ both being pivotal episodes, developing and deepening the mythology, as well as featuring Christopher Reeve in a crucial role.

The Third season starts with a bang asClark, affected by red Kryptonite, goes on a crime spree while machinations at the Luthor Mansion heat up. Clarkgets his first real romance as Alicia, a teleporting Meteor-person becomes obsessed with him, which takes a sinister turn.  Then the finale sees Clark save Jonathan K and begin training with Jor-El.

Season Four is where everything changes. Lois Laneis introduced; Lex and Lionel Luthor swap roles (Lex going bad, Lionel maybe good-ish).  A quest for three Kryptonion stones gives Lana a bit more to do as she is possessed by a Countess.  Alicia returns, and in a key scene, makesClarkuse his powers with Chloe watching, hoping she’ll report it, but Chloe decides not to.

One of the most exciting cliff-hangers ever ends the season as the gang Graduates when a second meteor shower hits Smallville and the three stones are united into a crystal which takes Clark way up North…

But more on that next time!

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