The (Not so Secret) Diary of a Literary Womble-

25 Sep


Adventures in Commuting



I have to appreciate how much of a rest I got over the summer.  It was a refreshing change not having to get buses or trains to School everyday.  Now I’ve got more hours it’s difficult finding time to scribble stuff, not that I’m complaining (yet) but have only just gotten round to typing up my three poems for the scary prospect of reading them in public at the Lit fest in October, burgh, shiver-me-timberlake!!  I’ve just found my Cluedo set as well (see 101 ways to murder a Crème Egg) and I’m still working my way through the Agency list, plus reading books to review, which is taking its sweet time as usual.  Don’t ask about how any stories are going, because both the Hare and the Tortoise plus their mates the Slug and the Snail are way ahead of me.                      

So the Literary Wombling is going slowly, ah well so what?  I’ve got a bit of peace and quiet for a change and my new Superman mug with a pint of coffee in, so that’ll keep me going, as well as finishing watching Stargate Universe Season 2 and prepping two short stories for submission, so zero problemo.

So what is a Literary Womble then?  I’ll let you know when I’ve figured it out. 

Until then, I’d better get back to my adventures in commuting!


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