A Year Older, Wiser (ish) and still blogging along

27 Aug

Summer 2010 was great in several ways.  Having finished a Retailing course, doing voluntary work and starting a New Deal course at Action For Employment Training (for the second time) I quickly got a Part-time job at Millview and did  a New Emerging Technologies course at First Take, which introduced me to using online media, including Facebook and Blogging.

Now that I’ve been doing both for a year and so am looking at ways to expand, where to improve, carry on the theme of Creative Evolution.  So what have I learned and what’s changed?  If I can answer that over the next few weeks then that would be something, not sure what, but it would be something!

Getting ideas to blog about can be difficult at times, or easier if I get an inspired brainwave, which doesn’t happen that much unfortunately!!  I’ve spent the last couple of days meandering roundLiverpool, going past a few old haunts and getting old Doctor Who novels, but not really doing much else though.

So I’m wondering what I have actually accomplished lately, As I seem to be suffering an extreme lack of motivation, it’s the endless listings of Agents and Publishers that’s probably to blame, though I’m looking at unleashing a couple of kids poems at Chester Literature Festival, look out, the Chocolate Killer is coming, time to hide your Freddo!!!

That’s not to say I’m going to give up on anything, got too much to do, just need to get myself organised, so expect some changes, like the new look for the blog, which is called Choco by the way!

So here’s to a SECOND year, plenty of room for improvement and a few new ideas, some reviews and half a dozen short stories to start with, that’ll do for now!!

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Posted by on August 27, 2011 in philosophical ramblings


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