Lessons in persistence

31 Jul

I’ve had a few different ideas on what to write about this week.  Ideas can jump out at you from anywhere and at anytime.  I guess it’s just being ready and going with the flow.  Been thinking about School, not having to commute, looking at ways to improve this site, get something done and sent out.  What could I follow a Potter review with?  Besides, there’s other stuff I could add, how about Hogwarts the Next Generation??  Nope, won’t go there!

Instead, I thought I’d say something briefly (really?!) about a few lessons I’ve learned, about never giving up, keeping going forward and so on.  The Shawshank Redemption is a good example.  Andy sends letters to ask for money to expand the prison Library and it takes 2 years before he gets a few books and a bit of money, his reply is that now he’ll send 2 letters a week instead, so after a while they give tons of money and lots of books.  First lesson.

An example from Napoleon Hill’s ‘Think and Grow Rich’, out of the many he gives of people being persistent and never giving up until they’ve achieved their goals would be ‘Three feet from Gold’.  This tells of a group of Prospectors who dug for gold and gave up, giving their equipment to someone else.  He got a surveyor in and discovered a richer, deeper vein just three feet away from where the others gave up!!

Going back to Shawshank, at the end, after his escape, Red narrates how Andy’s favourite pastime was getting rid of his wall,  handful at a time in the exercise yard, something that took 19 years! 

I suppose it’s something you just need to do, never give up, never surrender your dreams.  Or as Fletch put it in the last episode of Porridge- “Bide your time, keep your nose clean and never let the *** grind ya down’!!

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Posted by on July 31, 2011 in philosophical ramblings


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