The Twilight of Harry Potter (2/2)

24 Jul

I thought that what I’d like to do this time is a proper film review, a bit like I used to do for the Liverpool Student Newspaper, (see Archive.)  Then I remembered that I used to spend 150-odd words slagging things off, like The Scorpion King- “It’s The Mummy 3, without The Mummy, so what’s the point?!”  Since that was at least 8/9 years ago, I think I’ve matured a bit (!) and become a better Writer (??!)  So I’ll give it a whirl!

It was with eager anticipation that I set out to see it in Runcorn, you could say it is the end of an era.  Adaptations are tricky things to get right, especially from book-film/TV/radio; I know that from adapting my Mum’s books and Shakespeare.  From Goblet of Fire onwards, whole chunks were cut out or cut down to two or three lines or sequences, so it’s nice to see most of Deathly Hallows has remained intact.

After all the running round in Part 1, the emphasis is on Action, the planning and breaking into Gringotts sets the frantic pace in the first five minutes, while the rest of the film gets straight into the build up for the Battle of Hogwarts.  That was a good choice, but there were several significant diversions from the novel, most significant was the Final Confrontation between Harry and Riddle.

It was supposed to be in the Great Hall, surrounded by everyone else while they circle each other having a little chat.   I had choreographed that scene perfectly in my head, but understand why they changed it, having the dialogue infodump at the end instead.

The battle was epic though, echoing bits of Lord of the Rings and Narnia, though the best bit was Neville chopping the snake’s head off.  Having Riddle ‘feel’ the loss of the Horcruxes was another departure, but worked well.

Ooo- must not forget to mention Alan Rickman’s exceptional performance as Severus Snape.  The flashback sequence was perfectly executed and explained his reasons and motivation for everything he ever did.  It was a perfect take on ‘The Prince’s Tale’ chapter from the novel. 

I’m probably going to have to watch it again, because it’s one of those films that will give you more on a repeat viewing.  I’m already looking forward to the ‘ultimate edition’ DVD box set that will probably arrive in a couple of years, loaded with a ton of extra features.  And there’s the Pottermore website to check out in October.  But there is one question that still remains….

So where is the successor?  The Heir to the Potter crown?  . 

I can’t say that I got into Twilight.  I’ve read the books (once) but not seen any of the films.  Besides, the whole Vampire/Werewolf/Zombie fad is so overdone now anyway, and yes I do have my own ideas for those genres!!

Kristin Cashore’s Graceling is a really good Fantasy novel.  Eoin Colfer’s Artemis Fowl is a fun Teen techno-criminal genius with Fairy Police (really!)  Phillip Reeves Mortal Engines series was good, but one Young Adult series that I am enjoying is Alex Scarrow’s Time Riders books.  The fourth one is just out and the previous ones Time Riders/Day of the Predator/Doomsday Code are all enjoyable Time Travel thrillers.  So check them out.

In the meantime, I’ve got a few of my own attempts to work on, so here we go, Expelliarmus!!!

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