The Bringers of Everlasting Darkness (4/4)

14 May

‘There are some corners of the Universe which have bred the most terrible things. They must be fought’.  The Second Doctor- The Moonbase.

In the struggle to overcome evil, is it inevitable that Good would use whatever means necessary to eradicate evil?

That’s a bit deeper than the average blog tends to go, a question that’s been pondered on by Philosophers and others for donkeys of years.

To round off this mini-series, looking at what makes the ultimate monster; you can’t help think of Bin Laden, an evil fascist thug that got what he deserved.  But the threat still remains, like the Hydra from Hercules, he cuts off the head and three more pop up, so he smacks a mountain and buries it.  Shows that you should always go for the heart.  A bit preachy, sorry, been reading Lee Child’s Jack Reacher novels and their pretty intense, but good reads for the daily commute!

There are all kinds of evil and injustice in the world- PPI, Cancer, Religious nutters, selfish Politicians/Executives and the like.  Is it like The Master said in ‘Last of the Timelords’ – “The Human Race, the greatest monsters of them all”?  I sincerely hope not.  I guess I’m still an optimist, hoping that the Human Race will eventually evolve out of the Victorian era.

Can I answer the Opening question?  I’ve read books like Hitler-a study in tyranny, read Sherlock Holmes, studied Shakespeare, was even held up in the garage my Mum worked at 16 years ago.   To me, evil is a plot point- what’s scarier than Daleks/Voldemort/Lecter/Moriarty/Palpatine/Iago/Sauron/Megatron/Blofeld and zillion other Villains?

Yep, you’ve guessed it, my new monsters are called The Bringers of Everlasting Darkness, haven’t got a story completed yet, but these horrors are on their way!  No redeeming features, just Black Hats!  Both the 11th Hour and Visitations scripts have evolved to a point where the protagonists outshine the opposition, so there’s that to do.  I do think though that the answer to the opening question lies in Doctor Who (oh what a surprise)

Confronted with the Rainbow squad, the Doctor manages to beat them with a Jammie Dodger and Spitfires in space, how cool is that?!

So then the answer would be- well, it depends on the monster then!


Please let me know what you thought of this topic/feature/hike/ramble!

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