sundry ramblings

13 Mar

Well, it’s one of those rare days when I’ve got the house to myself, loads of stories/blogs ideas/letters/ideas to type up, the sun’s dimly shining, making the Garden beckon, there’s a pile of washing in the sink and I’m moping around on Facebook.

New poem- The Tetramorphic Lifeform is done and ready to send.  I’m massively overdrawn and used up the last of my Credit card, while the Bank’s hassling me for payment, looks like Payday won’t last long.

So why am I in such a funk??  Got music on (dances with wolves/Battlestar Galactica soundtracks, with Muse to follow.)  Nice cup of tea and biscuits.  Watched Outcast, which was boring, Earth 2 and episodes of Doctor Who and Star Trek/ Stargate have done that, and I skipped through a book called Seeds of Earth, which was okay, but couldn’t really get into it.  Read Time Riders and Predator’s Gold, both YA fiction, got depressed about debts etc.  But the real reason is because I have finally realised that I have no excuses anymore for dealing with my Mum’s books, even though my last attempt at editing one done to Radio Play length was awful and the Screenplay of Northern Conspiracy has not really happened.  So I’m hugely dissappointed with all that.

It’s reading Russell T. Davies ‘The Final Chapter’  which had some interesting insights into why The End of Time was written, even though for 4 years The Doctor had insisted that they’d been wiped out, utterly destroyed, now they were just locked in a time bubble, bit of a cop out really.  But one thing that’s profoundly stuck with me has been how he wrote about how his Mother passed away, so that’s gotten me thinking that I really need to do something, anything to get my Mum’s stuff into print, even though I’m not ready (will I ever be?)  Maybe I’m a coward, a timid Lion looking for Courage, maybe I need another Coffee to keep me going, get through the three dozen things I keep putting off (oh look-sunshine! Clear blue skies!)

So, there’s the next mountain to climb, time to get my boots on, pack my sandwiches and get stomping.

A nice day for a lovely Ramble!!


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