Happiness is a completed Rubiks Cube

25 Aug

As a Teen in the 1980’s one of the things I liked was to try to complete a Rubiks Cube. These little squares of joy had six sides, each a different colour, like red, blue and so on. The idea was to mix them all up and put them back in order by twisting and turning it. Could I do it? No chance. You could get one colour, but the rest were messed up big time, even worse than when you started.

Can life be like that? You get one thing right, but nothing else works. It can be sooo frustrating. BUT, nothing is unsolvable, every problem has a solution, it’s just the path that can be a bit murky and boggy at times.

An example- I hiked up the River Weaver in Frodsham and up through Dutton to Runcorn. I have two maps but only used the Explorer one. Twice I went off the path, but that was the lack of detail (as well as my poor mapreading skills!) Having the Landranger map, which did include more details would have helped and kept me on the right path.

So the lesson learned was to take both maps and keep checking divergences. I did feel like I had achieved something though, it was a glorious sunny day for walking seven miles in an afternoon.

The point of this rambling(!) is that there is never an easy way forward, happiness ISN’T a completed Rubik’s Cube, so getting just one side right is good enough for me, two would be ecstatic though. Again, it is the perspective thing, getting out of the comfy zone. Something to rave about rather than rant, which I will leave to another time.

So now I know what I want for Christmas, a Compass!


2 responses to “Happiness is a completed Rubiks Cube

  1. Nick Blady

    August 27, 2014 at 7:18 am

    Always go the path less traveled!!

    • iancaimercer

      August 27, 2014 at 8:40 pm

      Thanks Nick, wow, I wrote that 4 years ago, how time has dragged! I mean Flew! I did get a cube, but didn’t get anywhere with it anyway!


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