To Infinity and Beyond!

24 Aug

Thinking about what to write, whether to rant or rave, suppose raving would be a good start.

So, aiming higher, going up above the clouds, like When, in the Matrix, Neo and Trinity broke through the clouds and into the sunshine.

It’s a matter of perspective, being ambitious, different, challenging and creative.  Think of the Universe.  An inspirational site for me has been  This has some spectacular starmaps and guides to the region of a billion Light years, heavy stuff, but for someone like me who writes a lot of SF, very useful for creating empires and alien races and wars.  Richard Powell has created an amazing site, my favourite section being ‘the universe in 1 billion light years’ which goes into incredible detail on the surrounding Superclusters to ours (Virgo, of which the Local group of Galaxies is on the fringe of)

Most SF has been set in the Milky Way, but something that has gone beyond is Stargate Universe, i did try writing to the Producers last year, though they seem to have cheerfully ignored me, but set it beyond the known intergalactic regions, which is good for me as i can dominate the local region, like The Lord of the Daleks, (which sounds like an Irish jig, but a horrible image, dancing Daleks?  That’ll give you nightmares for the next 20 years)

The Star Wars galaxy saga is set ‘far far away’ but no clue to what group or galactic cluster, though in the Ewok films, the family seem to be Earth-like, rather than Humans from the films.  Then again, ET made an appearance, suggesting somewhere nearby, not Andromeda or Triangulum, so maybe in Virgo?

Anyway, here we go, let’s take a ride to infinity and beyond, into eternity, just take the next left by Bootes.

hold tight now!


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